What We Leave Behind


This photo was taken about the time we started talking about moving to London. Even though I told you earlier that we made the decision in about 20 seconds, we actually talked about it for a long time, constantly, in fact, incessantly.  We hired babysitters so we could go to a restaurant and talk about it more. Most mornings the first thing C would say to me was "Got a question for you..." and he'd run through a scenario, pro or con about the move, so he could gauge my reaction...again. I think he was nervous I would suddenly get cold feet. He knew I was quite content with our lives as they were and wanted to discuss  the move from all different angles so I wouldn't wake up one morning and say, "Uh, I've changed my mind."

There were a lot of good reasons to stay put. I had my dream job, could walk to work, genuinely liked everyone I worked with. I also had a good Mom Tribe who had come together around the birth of our kids and we were still getting together regularly after four years. We had also bought our Seattle house within the same two blocks of my brother and his family and my parents.  And when you're raising kids in the city you know together time is infinitely easier if you're just around the corner from your loved ones (not to mention the free spur-of-the-moment babysitting).

And there's our beloved place in Twisp, where this broken down truck rests in a stand of aspen near our property. We love Twisp, we love the feeling of being there, the natural beauty, the miles and miles of multi-season, multi-use trails , not to mention the eclectic group of people who call it home. Leaving the Methow Valley and the small house we've created there is going to be hard. My consolation lies in knowing that when we return to the States, this is where we'll come back to. The Seattle house is in escrow and we'll be renters in just a few days.  And in a big way, the Twisp House makes going to London easier because I know we have a spot on the planet where I feel spiritually connected and no matter what may, I am rooted somewhere on this earth even while I'm wandering it.


So here's to what we leave behind. I'm so grateful for all of it, I've been formed by it and will continue to draw upon it. I have a place in the world that embraces me even as I brace myself to venture out into worlds as yet unknown.