Loving London

There are already four things we love about London and those are our friends M & I and their terribly adorable kids S & E. We met M & I (before kids) at a worn down pub in Queensland, Australia where, if you didn't catch your beer as it came sliding down the highly varnished bar, it was fair game for any other patron with quicker reflexes. Their son and ours have already bonded over a mutual enthusiasm for biking and chasing pigeons. It's very comforting that even though we won't be living near them, there are people we know in London and we're not total strangers in this massive city. 

I've admitted I don't want to live IN London, but as far as cities go, it's a fabulous place. Knowing that we would be returning soon, our week there in March was relaxed. We didn't move at the frenetic pace we usually go at, trying to see a half dozen "sights" in a day. This time I took the same approach to 24 hours as I did when Z was a baby: Plan one thing for the morning, one for the afternoon, eat good food in between and take plenty of naps.  

Our major objective was to sell Z on the idea of moving here. Forget the 17th Century paintings or palaces with enticing cordoned-off rooms. There was no way I was going to drag him through the British Museum and expect him to appreciate the Elgin Marbles (or, like I had several years back, wandered around the gallery impatiently looking for white spheres of stone similar in size to Bocce balls only to be told I was surrounded by said marbles). 

It wasn't a hard sell. Double decker bus rides, the London Eye, Diana Princess of Whales Memorial Playground (which should also be known as The Best Playground in the Universe), classic black taxi rides, dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum, lots of gelato, Bubble Man along the south bank. The only thing Z didn't like was the smell of the cheese shop that C and I swooned over. Z held his nose and ran outside. But he still says he likes London.

Enjoy the images.