The Bookmark

Ever start a book then put it down and start another and pretty soon you have a trail of books all started but none finished? Yeah, that's me. And this seems to be my state of mind these days. So even though I have a proper blog post half-written, it's not finished. Neither are eight short stories, a first draft of a book and a half-dozen hand-written letters I dabbled with thinking I would revive the art form. So all I'm giving you this week is a photo I took recently on an outing to London. This city is a mash up of old an new and you can't get further apart in age than these two structures. The Tower of London is the site where William the Conqueror established his first defensive building back in 1066. The appropriately named Shard was completed last year, though to me it looks as though it still needs work. 

So I leave you with this and when my head gets out of this dreary winter fog, I'll start completing my projects and see you here again with a real story.