The Road Ahead

May 3rd marks the 1 year birthday of this blog. Thank you for being here. Like any new creature, this blog has grown and changed. But I feel I'm only just beginning to understand what it means to be a blogger. And Finding My Tribe has only just started gathering a tribe of friends to share this journey with.

I ask myself with each post, "Is this good? Do other people like it? How could it be better?" And since I've become a bit obsessed with the practice of writing, I will continue to work hard at delivering a story that you enjoy hearing. I think writing is like building a muscle through weight lifting; the only way to make the writing muscle stronger is to lift those weights consistently, know when to rest, and add a new challenge, a heavier weight, on a regular basis.


You may see some changes in theme and layout over the next few months as I try to hone in on what it is I want this place to be, for me and for you the reader. But I also need your help with that. Let me know what sings. Let me know what falls flat. Let me know if you laughed or yawned. Send this blog out into the universe. Send it to someone who has a young child, a thirst for travel, an interest in mobile photography. Post it to your Facebook page. Help me extend the reach of Finding My Tribe. This space is my virtual refuge, my memories, my stories. I need you because I need to share my stories. And, since I don't know when we're coming "home", I need my tribe to come along with me.


Love, Karin