Me: I've been tending the ill and injured since 1998 when I became a certified Physician Assistant. Don't let anyone tell you that I'm a Physician's Assistant, because I don't belong to the physicians, but I am often edified by their advice. (This poorly placed apostrophe is one of my only pet peeves. I won't discuss my other peeve in case you're one of those people who uses your kid's image as your Facebook profile picture). I married my graduate school sweetheart, eight years after we started dating, and about 8 years after that we got around to having a kid. This shook things up in a very good way. My son's dad C likes to tell people we were getting old and boring so having a kid forces us to stay young and interesting for a bit longer. 




C: Now, this guy is smart. I almost didn't go out with him because I thought he only lived for kayaking and the Grateful Dead. He's the kind of guy who can do just about anything really well, and master it if he puts his mind to it (well, scratch that - I don't think he'll ever be able to carry a tune). He's built a house, outfitted an overland vehicle and driven it around three continents, attended several Burning Man festivals while holding down a real job, and develops code that makes your Amazon experience more enjoyable. He also turned out to be the absolute best dad I can imagine, despite years of resistance to fatherhood. We've separated since moving to England, but live only a few blocks apart. We're doing our best to be great parents and redefine, not abandon, who we are as a family.





Z: This little man has only been around since 2008, but he's made me laugh more than any other human being on the planet. He has this knack for combining body language, facial expressions and one-liners that will make you run for something to write with. I'm certain to include many ZQOD's (Z's Quote of the Day) in this blog so you can laugh along with us. He's a great traveler, lucky for us, and has already been to 7 countries with his little baby passport. I suspect living in England will only further refine his razor wit.